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Corné and Twakkie

I went to watch the Corné and Twakkie show at the Baxter knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. I watched TMAS (The Most Amazing Show) when it was on and I was in the mood. The TV series revolved around two typical thick South Africans who appear trapped in a 1970’s wormhole with mullets, vests and hot pants to boot.
The first half of the show was great, filled with many great lines including ‘The Carpet of Mis-direction. Where is it? Where is it? There it is.” Corné and Twakkie were a lot more political than I remember them being in their series, but then they were filming for SABC (the national broadcaster) so maybe they had to keep the government-bashing down a little bit.

Unfortunately the intensity seemed to slip a bit in the second half. They seemed to arb around a lot, and decided to do some crowd climbing including kissing the audience and jumping on them. It was about as awkward as you are probably imaging it right now. Having a sweaty, middle-aged man with a fake moustache shoving his face onto mine was not the best theatrical experience of my life.

I understand what they were doing; at least I hope I do. It’s about pushing your audience, comedy often lives in the extreme and so comedians have to make bold choices. Nobody laughs at the comedian who doesn’t take risks. And sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t that’s just how it is. Will Ferrell is the perfect example, sometimes hilarious, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes a bit too far.

Despite my leniency to the comedic extreme I think Corne and Twakkie went a bit too far down the garden path on that one, but that’s what makes their act. Pushing the audience to love it or hate it.

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