About me



I have been given the opportunity to direct and write four short films. Each film holds a special place in my heart and has allowed me to develop as a director; from the hard-hitting 'Bound' which was created as a tool for anti-trafficking agencies, to the more experimental and poised 'The Prodigal'.

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Know Your Country - Woodstock had a Beach
Wrote and presented
A webseries about the interesting history of South Africa that was created for RoomsForAfrica. This is the first episode of the series. I wrote and presented this episode.

My African Dream - Gavin to the Wild
Directed and Produced
This is the beginning of a webseries I created with Ian McNaught Davis, Graeme Comrie, and Andrew Kerr. Perhaps one day we'll create episode two. For now, enjoy the ridiculous story of Gavin Kingsley-Potgieter, the son of wealthy parents, who has gone of into nature to raise awareness. Raise awareness for what? Not even he knows.

Orange Blank Blue
Directed and co-wrote

This film was made for the Cape Town 48 Hour Film Challenge. On the Friday evening we were given a genre and 3 elements to include in a short film. We then had 48 hours to write, shoot and edit the film and hand it in on the Sunday evening. It was a very busy weekend, but a lot of fun.

We were given:
The genre - drama
The character - Lunga the Conservationist
The line of dialogue - "ag no man"
The object - a comb

The Prodigal
Directed and co-wrote

 'The Prodigal' forms part of the Love Bombs and takes an experimental look at sexual identity, redemption and grace.

The film stars Kyle Peters, Howard Fyvie, and Julian Goldswain. For more information about the film you can go to LoveBombs.co.za/the-prodigal/. The film premiered at the Labia on Orange in Cape Town alongside two other films.

Official Selection at the NFFTY Film Festival.

Directed and co-wrote
A short film I directed and wrote on the topic of human-trafficking. The film follows Tshego, young girl who is looking for way out of her rural life, who gets trafficked into prostitution. She then runs away from her pimp and stays at a 'Place of Safety'. The story deals with the damage done by human-trafficking, and takes a truthful look at the criminal underworld in Cape Town.

The film stars Tsholo Mpuru, Pope Jerrod and Lulama Stone.
For more information about the film you can go to BoundTheMovie.info.

Official Selection at the Transforming Stories International Film Festival.


This is a selection of fun videos which I have been involved in over the years. It is good to create silly and somewhat pointless videos to keep creative and to experiment with different mediums.

Girls Song

A recording of myself and a few friends including: Howard Fyvie, Claude Morcos, Joe Krenzer and Dan Krenzer, performing a song to women who have given us bat. It might seem a bit mopey and sad, but that's because it is a bit. It's quite pretty though and generally true as well.

Batman Goes to Church

I act in this fun church clip. The clip was made to encourage people who are new to the church to attend 'Starting Point'. Batman goes to church and I play his home-cell leader.

As Long as You Love Bomb

We were promoting the 'Love Bombs Film Festival' where a film I directed, 'The Prodigal', was playing alongside two other films. We created this video to attract some attention to the festival. I play a Swedish director trying to make a music video with 'Mach II'.

All is Swell in Swellendam

The church I go to has monthly updates about things going on in the church. A church in Swellendam has recently joined us and we went to investigate.

Alive Man

I was on holiday in Glentana and my friend Howard, Hans and myself decided to jump off Hans’ place into the bushes. Here is the video of what happened.