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Life and death of Muscle-John (the nickname)

I felt that this is necessary for the four people in South Africa who ever called me Muscle-John or knew my previous Muscle-John blog.

I am no longer Muscle-John because it sounds kinda wrestler/ body builder/ porn star. And seeing as I cover none of those topics on my blog, I decided to just use the name that people call me ‘MJ’ or ‘Michael-John’. Muscle-John originated from helping a female friend lift a bucket of water.

To be honest I don’t really mind what people call me, whether its MJ or Michael-John. I like the name Michael-John but am also in favour of nicknames so don’t mind too much. When I answer the phone I say “Michael-John hello” which sometimes surprises people, but that’s because I grew up saying that.

Other nicknames include: MoJo, NoJo, Monkey-John, Mickey, Mikey, Mike, Michael (which isn’t really a nickname as it is half my name), M, and M-donkey.

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