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This past weekend myself and a couple of friends went to watch the George 7s. We had a great weekend of beer and rugby and talking about manly things.

On the Friday night we decided to hit up a jol at De Dekke, an Afrikaans sokkie/bar in Grootbrak. A sokkie is an Afrikaans dance; men go up to women who sit on the outside of the dancefloor and ask them to dance. Its very ‘Pride and Prejudice’ meets ‘Bakgat!’.

I really enjoy sokkie’ing. Some people think its outdated and weird that men have to go around asking girls to dance, but I think its great. I like that men have to get up and take some initiative and ask a girl they don’t know to dance. And I like the fact that girls feel wanted, that guys would come up to them and ask them to dance. And I like a basic dance with very few rules and super-cheesy Afrikaans treffers. Basically ‘ek hou van sokkie’.
This photo was taken by my friend Pri. I didn't ask if I can use it but I'm sure its fine, especially if I add a link to her other stuff http://bit.ly/hTX6ls

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