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Yesterday I went to the premiere for a sci-fi short film called Sweetheart. The film stars Inge Beckmann (ex Lark lead singer, current herself singer) as a housewife who goes in search of her missing family in a type of post-rapture world where only a few people are left behind.

The film was made by the production company De Phat Motel, and was especially noted by friends and other people enjoying the open bar for its great cinematography. Its great to see what is coming through in the SA film community, and also helps to get me off my butt and writing again.

This weekend (3 and 4 December) is the Rly Shrt Flm Fstvl, which features 5 minute films from a range of film makers and is going to be rad. The screenings are taking place at &Union so go check it out if you can before tickets sell out.

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