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Seizing the Carpe and Remembering this 'Passion' Word

Last night after church some of us went up to Signal Hill and eventually got a spot overlooking the city. We started singing New Slang, imagining ourselves in a movie, and then started talking ‘if-you-were-going-to-die-in-seven-years-what-would-you-differently’.

I said I would take more risks: being a boy the first thing that came to mind was girls and asking girls out, then I thought of making an impact in the world and how my lifestyle at the moment is very low impact and how much more I’d like to do for God. Not to become famous, but rather to have made this life count for something.

The preach at church had been about passion, which is probably one of my favourite words and the one that least resembles my life at the moment. I was challenged to get off my ass, and so I decided to go forward for prayer. It was such a rad time of God reminding me that He’s got some plans, and that I need to stop being so lethargic and un-impassioned. Sitting on Signal Hill looking out over the city and imagining an impending death, I realized that there are so many things I need to cut out of my life and so many things that I need to add to my life.

Table Mountain is beautiful as heck but after living in Cape Town for a while it can be so easy to forget how beautiful that piece of rock is, and I think God suffers a similar fate. When we become Christians we are amazed by God, but slowly we forget about how great He is. Its not that we turn away from him, but rather that life overtakes our ambitions for Him and we settle for Sundays and Wednesdays.

And I don’t want to be no Sunday and Wednesday Christian, because really if I can’t come to him every day I may as well not come at all (to paraphrase Keith Green).

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