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why decisions matter

I was lying on the beach at Clifton 4th on Sunday after Church, staring up at the stars, half listening to conversations and my friend playing guitar. I was looking at the many stars in the night sky and thinking about how incredibly huge the universe is. I usually start thinking about how insignificant my issues and concerns are. Why do I waste time wondering if a girl likes me? Why waste time thinking about the future? I should just go up to the girl and high-5 her with my face. I should quit my job and become a comic or something that sounds cool.

Then it hit me, that while the universe is huge and eternity is a crazy amount of time, that doesn’t mean you throw all caution to the wind. Actually it makes you want to make more awesome decisions which sometimes take some time to figure out. If you’re just foolhardy and bounce around making crap decisions you’re going to end up alone sitting on a beach staring at stars thinking about how it all doesn’t really matter because the arc of history will not be affected by your failures.

Actually your history, your legacy, your friends and family will be affected by your decisions and so we need to make good, smart decisions for them and our relationship with them. At least this is what I figured when I was rather sleepy, lying on a beach. 


  1. or in prison for high-fiving girls with your face... great blog... [better than your fantasy league at the very least]

  2. Blogging makes me happy when Darren Bravo going out for 0 makes me sad.