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You won’t re-lent until you have it all

This is going to be a quick thought, but a big idea.

“You won’t re-lent until you have it all” was my pun for this lent season. Why? Because it’s funny and it’s true. It’s funny because it’s very cheesy, but it’s true because God wants more than lent. He wants more than you not eating chocolate for a while or not watching Bold and the Beautiful.

I’m not bashing lent, but the problem can be that we give up something and we somehow feel stoked with ourselves. “I’m in God’s good books now” we chortle to our sub-consciences, forgetting that we’re in all in one book and that its nothing that we do to that moves us into that book.

Go ye then and lent, but remember that while curbing your banana addiction is cool, that actually you need to surrender the whole fruit bowl and then some.

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  1. so truth! nice postage! i want that chocolate... [check out my blog to see why morne van wyk missed that sehwag catch involving the mistaken identity of a vitamin/sleeping tablet pill - very funny!]