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Alter Ego

This is my alter ego, and by 'alter ego' I don't mean change your choice of deodorant. His name is Earphones Over the Eyes Man. He wears his earphones over his eyes at work, to help him complete deadlines quicker. This skill has served him well in the past.

PS. I know I look like a ritard in this picture, but thats what makes it funny. I'm allowing you to subtly mock me in your mind. But remember that underneath the earphones I'm just a sweet maniac.

PPS. If you want to see my real alter ego 'Alive Man' go to the film section of my blog and watch the video. If you don't understand it and think its lame, you're probably a girl. Not that that is a problem. Girls are nice. I like girls. Hi girl!

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  1. i mock the retardness of your spelling retard retardedly. good look though. if i didn't know any better i would assume you were alive man!