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Top 4 Events I’d Love To Go To

With the Monaco Grand Prix on this last weekend I started thinking about my top events that I'd really dig to go to, and the Monaco GP being one of them. So far I only have four events. I’m sure there are more ultimate events that I’d like to go to, but for now these are my top 4.

Monaco Grand Prix
Because its just so snazzy and I enjoy F1. For me it’s the highlight of the F1 racing calendar. Yesterday I mission’ed around town trying to find it showing somewhere, eventually arriving at Van Hunks which is a lot cooler than I thought it would be. Its called Van Hunks. Really? But it’s a nice place despite the jockish name. Monaco Grand Prix is about fun, fast cars, fashion, and formula 1.

Cannes Film Festival
The cream of proper film getting together. I imagine a lots of French class, with cool film-makers sitting around in normal shirts drinking coffee on the sidewalk. 
Celebrity craze annoys me to death, but I reckon a cappuccino with Woody Allen would be quite kiff.

As a child Wimbledon was one of my favourite events. My parents weren’t very into sport, but my mom always enjoyed watching Wimbledon and so every year we’d switch to watch the greats battling on the grassy fields. Noshing on strawberries and cream while watching the top of tennis going head to head...kiff.

MCG for the Boxing Day Test Match
The Boxing Day Test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the Ashes tour between England and Australia. Every good piece of fielding clapped, every run is applauded, and every wicket ‘hurrah’ed’. It’s tense, it’s fun, and it’s definitely cricket.

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