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The weevils of social media

Now we all know facebook is pretty smart, but when I saw this on my newsfeed I was rather taken aback. This is cool. Basically if people meet at an event facebook knows about it and tells you. I was at the house warming and so were these two peeps and now they're friends (this might be old hat for some of you, but I only saw it now and think its pretty neat).

This leads me to a debate that everyone's been having for years, and was the recent topic of a breakfast club type thing I go to. Is technology and social media bad and stopping us from being social? Seeing as this is my blog I'll give you my opinion, and won't represent anyone else's flippin' opinion because they can go to their own flippin' blog and write about it.

In short social media is good. Change is not a bad thing. I feel enriched to know my friend met someone at a party I attended. The world has become a lot smaller, and now you can google anyone's name and find out their opinion on flippin' social media or karate or any topic. The argument is that people would be hanging out more with their friends if there wasn't social media, which is just rubbish really. I don't stay at home to update my status instead of heading to the local. No, instead I say "Michael-John Phillip - Who is keen to head to the local for some laughs?". Within 10 minutes I have four comments from friends I haven't seen in a while saying "hey we're in town, lets hang out". If anything social media has made us more social more of the time.

Social media gives us access to a vast array of knowledge that we didn't have before. We know more about the world around us than ever before. When I was a child we would have to call a hotel in Ceres to find out if there was snow on the berg. Now people update their status to find out about the snow, and get instant credible responses from friends who have just been or are their now.

So thats what I think. Social media is making us more social if anything. I will agree that there are some hermit crabs who sit on facebook chat and never see the light of day. Obviously I disagree with that, but an average use of facebook and twitter and blogs and such is just a better more creative way of connecting with the world.

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  1. i would probly adjust it to say social media is making YOU more social and as i've always said, oh wait i have a new saying 'facebook is either a tool or used by one' - ha ha i like that - the point being that social media is as good or as destructive as the person using it allows it to be - i use facebook for a lot of good stuff [like you] but i have also been sucked into the time wasting aspects of it at various times and so it's been both for me but i think for a lot of people they have allowed it to make them less social and for some people it has added to their socialability and we each need to watch ourselves [that's right, put the stalkers out of work] i hear coffee in the background, bye.

  2. Facebook is getting so fancy.

  3. I guess I agree with Facebook being a tool(haha Brett). It definately helps keep people with event that are on the go. It does tend to fill time well also. Not sure if the random sorting your desk stuff and looking around the office instead is time better spent. I don't dig people's low attention span on chat really-its pretty cool catching up decently and then saying cheerio then next minute. Ciao