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Green Point Park and Paris Syndrome

This weekend I hung out at the Green Point Park, and enjoyed the wonderful sun and great park they've made there. Seriously if you haven't been yet, go. Its amazing. In fact the company I write for wrote an article on the Green Point Park (someone else wrote it). And if you want to look at more pretty pictures you can follow this link http://www.roomsforafrica.com/art/green_point_gardens

My one friend, lets call her Caroline East, is studying all this acculturation stuff (pretty much how people change cultures). So I told her about my own culture in South Africa being rather Scottish; growing up going to Highland Gatherings, drinking whiskey, and knowing Flower of Scotland off by heart.

I then went on to tell her about Paris Syndrome (I think this was closer to watch she's actually studying and giving presentations about). About how when Japanese people go to France they are afflicted with bouts of depression and anxiety. In Japan they look up to the French culture, but when they get to Paris they find everything the French do to be difficult and offensive, and sometimes have to be sent back to Japan without finishing their holiday. In fact apparently there is even a hotline for persons suffering from Paris Syndrome. Pretty funny and strange.

So in light of my helping her out with all this information she has agreed to make my face the back of her powerpoint presentation. Which I'm excited about. Here's a taster of what that'll look like.

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