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Jogging ... ewwww

My life at the moment is fairly boring if I’m honest. I feel like I’m jogging. And I really don’t enjoy jogging, so if you thought that was a good thing you’re wrong. I enjoy playing football, rugby, cricket. If I’m going to run I want it to be fun, not mundane and boring like jogging.

I really enjoy being busy and occupied and having to rush around and think quickly, but currently I have very little work to do at work, and I have nothing I have to do in the evenings. A short while ago I was busy every night for weeks on end especially when I was directing the filming of Bound, now I just go home and have an early night.

So I’ve decided to take some initiative and start creating busy-ness for myself.I'm writing scripts, getting people to write scripts with me, and generally working on scripts and new ideas. Also I might be starting an improv group.

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