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A story about me playing the trombone

When I was in Grade 8 (St 6) we had to learn how to play instruments. The options were: trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, and the trombone. They passed the various instruments around the class and we all got a chance to play them. The only one I got to make a sound was the trombone, so I went with that one.

We had a cool trombone teacher who had long hair. He used to play 'When I Got High' on his trombone and let us leave class early so we could get lunch before the others. He also let us sleep in his class. One day parents were being shown around the school and they came to the music department and discovered everyone sleeping. It was awkward because they kept making a noise and we just wanted to sleep.

Years later I can't remember how to play the trombone. I know you move the slidey thing, but that's about all I know.

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