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Funny story of rejection

Kyle and I started our hitch-hiking adventure from the Jansenville petrol station.
Our thinking was to ask people who pulled up at the station for a lift. This would allow them to see that we weren’t going to kill them, and then we could also make sure they weren’t running a meth lab in the back of their bakkie.

After 2 hours we hadn't caught a lift and ended up walking off towards Graaff-Reinet hoping to get picked up along the way, which did in fact happen.

The funniest rejection we received was from a guy driving an open bakkie. There was nothing in the back, so space wasn’t an issue. We had become desperate by this stage, and we were keen to head to any major town in the area.

Here is the blow-by-blow dialogue.

Us: Hi Sir, how are you doing?
Him: Well thanks.
Us: Sir, where are you headed?
Him: I’m going to Uitenhage and then straight on to PE.
Us: Great. Would it be possible to catch a lift to Uitenhage with you?
Him: …
Him: …
Him: … No, I’m staying here in Jansenville.
Us: So you aren’t going to Uitenhage?
Him: … No, I’m staying here.
Us: …
Us: But didn’t you just say … ummm…
Us: Ok, thanks.


  1. Hi MJ! kleinfrans here ! only read your blog today but funny thing is my mom and dad went to Jansenville yesterday to pick up some of our farm staff. you could have caught a lift with them (If i knew) ! anyway. we are in Jbay now. space to stay for you if you read this and are headed this way (dont have your number anymore. sorry). later !

  2. Ha ha, That's quite a coincidence. I am unfortunately already back in Cape Town, but thanks for the offer. Would be good to see you soon. If I head up the coast again I'll come by for a visit.

  3. kewl man! Sounds like you had quite an adventure. love, kf