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Grease on the Breeches

Today I jumped onto a moving train. It wasn't particularly amazing. Not as a amazing as it sounds. The train wasn't moving particularly fast because it was just leaving the station, but I did still have to run and jump. My first thought as I jumped onto the link between two carriages was 'I hope I didn't just get grease on my trousers'.

This reaction wasn't the manly, rugged response I was looking for. I wanted to not care about my trousers, but sadly I do kinda care. Maybe it's because they're newish and in my top 3 favourite trousers, but that's really just quite lame. I just jumped onto a freakin' train yo!

The truth is that all trousers are going to get damaged at some point, and if we live our lives never getting train grease on our clothes, how boring a world is that?

A very boring world is the answer.


  1. Hey, I stumbled upon my neighbour in blog-world :) How random is this.

  2. Cool blog btw :)

  3. Cool, thanks. Nice blog yourself. Soon Bow Bells will dominate the blogosphere. Well probably not.