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Film Review: Everything Must Go

Last night I watched 'Everything Must Go', a film starring Will Ferrell as Nick Halsey, an alcoholic who relapses then loses his job and his wife all on one day. The film is directed by Dan Rush and is based on a short story by Raymond Carver.

After he gets fired, Nick arrives home to see that his wife has thrown all of his possessions onto the front lawn and changed the locks on the front door. Nick is forced to sleep outside to guard his possessions as he tries to come to grips with his life as it falls apart. Eventually he decides to hold a yard sale in an effort to create a fresh slate.

It’s another rather serious role for Will Ferrell following on from ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ and ‘Winter Passing’ and other seriocomedies movies he’s made. I really enjoy Ferrell when he gets his drama face on, and I think his acting is spot on in ‘Everything Must Go’. We connect to the desperation and loneliness of the character, and understand his hurt and depression.

Watch it for the good performance by Ferrell and the film’s insight into alcoholism.
Don’t watch it for barrels of laughter and a Frat Pack cameo.

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