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Mine Control

Soldier 1 - “We're stuck in a field of mines. Quick Soldier 2, get the mine controller!”
Soldier 2 - "Roger that."

A short while later Soldier 2 returns with Derren Brown.

Derren Brown - "Hello Soldier 1. I heard you enjoy my show. For my first trick I need you to think of a card. Any card. Just think about it. Hold it lightly in your mind, and I'm going to guess the card."
Soldier 1 - "What?"
Derren Brown - "Any card. Like the 6 of spades for example."
Soldier 1 - "We're stuck in a mine field. Can't you get us out of here and stop asking about cards?"
Derren Brown - "Sorry I only work with minds not mines."
Soldier 1 - "Ohhhh... Silly us."

After a resigned pause.

Soldier 1 - "Ok, I've got a card."
Derren Brown - "Is it a 6 of spades?"
Soldier 1 - "Damn, you're good." 

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  1. ha ha very nice
    i have a spoon!