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New Year's Night

New Years is about 3 things (not just 3 but for this post we're going to roll with it) : champagne, hugging, and forecasting the coming year.

The Champagne
People don't often drink champagne. Most people don't arrive at braais saying "I brought the champers and some boerie." Maybe people buy champagne when they get engaged but that's about it. If you're a travelling champagne salesman, life must be pretty hard outside of the festive season. The rest of the year they probably just sit at home eating baked beans hoping their money lasts 'til next December.

Just as we've counted down from 10 for the third time, everyone will instinctively start hugging. Not that I don't like hugging, I just find it odd that suddenly out of nowhere people start embracing. Any other night and it would be odd to break conversation and start hugging everyone, and then resume the conversations.

Forecasting the Year
"So what does this year have in store for you?" Well, I have no idea. I never have any idea. I guess I take it as it comes. It's nice to look out at the approaching year and see the possibilities that there could be, but there's hardly ever anything concrete to hang your coat on.

It's quite easy to think that other people are forecasting their year with clear goals and aspirations, while you just go, "kinda hope my baked beans last 'til next New Year." The truth is every day can be the start of a new year with endless possibilities ahead. Life's for living, and it's lived on the go.

This is me 'playing' the bagpipes in a poncho on NYE

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  1. i see a future where we just start randomly shouting backwards from 10 to 1 and embracing the person closest to us and seeing if it catches on...