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The Meaning of Life

“The Meaning of Life” is arguably one of the greatest questions that have ever been posed by humanity. What is the reason for it all? But more importantly on a personal level, what is the reason for my life?

Perhaps it is easier to take an agnostic standpoint and simply state that I am because I am; there is no reason for life. The fact that there is a universe and that I even exist is simply coincidental.

Yet human beings are endowed with a need for meaning. Not only does the idea of life need to have meaning, we personally have to have meaning. We have to count for something and be remembered. What does it matter how we are remembered if we are only meandering dust?

If this life is all there is, then we may as well enjoy what we can and squeeze the juice out. Perhaps it’s easier to get rid of this ‘meaning’ business if there is nothing after this time on earth. I however, don’t believe that death is the end. One of the most important understandings in Christianity is that Jesus came to bring Life, and this life stretches from Jesus’ resurrection to eternity. Our time on earth is just a part of the Great Voyage.

The universe is not coincidental, for how can something come from nothing? But rather creation points to the fact that there is a Creator. The very fact that we are on a voyage in the first place, proves there is meaning. No captain starts a voyage without a reason. And that reason is to reconcile Creation to Himself.

I believe that if we are to find meaning in this life it would be to know the Captain and accomplish His goal. That’s it, at least in my mind. Therefore we are to work to look after the poor, save the environment, and work tirelessly to show the Captain’s love to the world. Otherwise if we aren’t doing that, well I don’t think there’s much meaning for life.

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