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Mowing the Lawn and Living a Life of Adventure

In life there are two types of people: those who mow their lawn, and those who don't.

I think every generation has started out thinking that they wouldn't end up mowing the lawn on every second Saturday. They dreamed of greater things. They dreamed of travelling, of jumping off bridges, of kissing pretty people, of becoming an astronaut, of cycling up Africa, of studying theology/philosophy at a university in the UK. Somewhere along the way they decided that they'd rather cut their lawn.

However, there have always been those who've rebelled against the monotony, and we hold them in high esteem. Poets, artists, explorers, scientists who decided that mowing their grass was just too much effort. They decided instead to be driven by passion. They never took out life insurance, because it was simply another way of cutting the lawn and getting serious about small things that don't matter.

Life matters only in that we're alive now. In 100 years time, in a 1000 years, who is going to stand up and remember that I took out life insurance in a effort to look death in the face and say "death will not beat me, I've got insurance."

Now, I'd imagine some people get a real kick out of mowing their lawn and taking out life insurance. I'm sure they're the type of people who buy their groceries monthly, making sure to pick up the bulk-pack cereal. I haven't bought cereal, in any form, for at least the last year. I just don't get a kick out of buying cereal. It's too big of a commitment to a single breakfast meal. So, if someone can't wait to get up in the morning, go downstairs and have a nice bowl of cereal with cold milk while looking through their life insurance then good for them.

All I know is that I was made for passion and adventure. I think everyone was made for those two things. And I don't expect everyone to find passion and adventure in the same place, but I know that you'll never experience the fullness of Life unless you find what truly gets you up in the morning. Just don't buy into any lie that suggests that it's better to take the monotonous route through life.

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