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Dear Brother, I’m sorry that I ate you

Dear Brother,

I’m sorry that I ate you, but you were looking tasty.
So I decided to slice you up and baste you.
It’s a pity you’re not as cute as your sister,
She’s soft and fun, but you mister,
You’re just tasty,
Imma wrap you up in pastry,
and wash it down with Fresca,
You bet ya.

I’m sorry that the message of salvation is not for you,
Jesus didn’t die to save you too,
He died so that all things (in heaven and earth) might be saved,
Unless one of his followers craved,
Some meat to eat,

I’m sorry that you won’t see your friends,
That stood beside you by the fence,
Chewing the cud, rolling in the mud,
When all I saw was flesh and blood.

I’m dead against violence.
But it seems I forgot,
That we all we come from the same stock.
Maybe one day the lion will lie down with the lamb,
But until then I’ll have some ham.

Kind Regards,
Your older brother

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