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Heaven ain't no fish and chips

My Uncle Rod once said that almost everyone would be a Christian if all you had to do to get into heaven was crawl on your knees for a kilometer. And I agree.

Not because crawling on your knees is fun, but at least you know that once you're done with your kilometer you've made it. The problem with Christianity is that there isn't anything you can do to get there. You have to wake up everyday, pick up your cross and follow Him. And what does that look like? Is it going to be a missionary in China? Or an IT programmer in Cape Town? Or a car mechanic in Johannesburg?

I guess that's where faith is supposed to come in. We're supposed to have the 'give-everything-to-Jesus' attitude, but one thing I've learned is that Christians don't come pre-programmed with this attitude. It's very tough to stop trying to be in control, because if you let go who is going to be in control? Crawling on your knees gives you control. You can do it at your own pace, and you can see an end to it. I like crawling on my knees.

But at the same time there is something really beautiful about the fact that you can't just crawl to heaven. Imagine finding a beautiful woman or muscular man (?) and falling in love, and then saying “I'll crawl for a kilometer now, and then in 50 years we can go for fish and chips”.

Now heaven is no fish and chips, but to me if I've found someone or something beautiful then I'd want to hang out with them as much as possible. I'd want to spend all my time getting to know them. Crawling anywhere would be a waste of time and wouldn't get me any closer to actually figuring out who they are. I'd like to go out for fish and chips with them now.

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