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Baffled audience as the Oprah Show is hit by the recession

Oprah Winfrey’s show, ‘the Oprah show’ named after her own mis-spelt name, has recently fallen into financial difficulty as a result of the economic recession.

The Angel Fund Network, a philanthropic group started by Oprah, has been forced to make cut-backs this year and instead of giving South African children education and housing, a balloon and ‘good luck’ badge were seen as sufficient.

When asked whether her own failure to have children due to her career-driven attitude and old age was one of the key reasons for her insensitivity toward the South African children’s plight, Oprah was quoted as saying “yes”.

The recession has forced Oprah to start thinking of new ways of marketing herself. Following the trend of Brangelina and TomKat, she has decided that her and her boyfriend will now be known as Oprend, an amalgamation of her name, Oprah, and his name, Oprah’s Boyfriend.

In further cost cutting, Oprah was forced to substitute her best friend Gayle for the West Indian cricket captain Chris, who was seen to be a much lower cost best friend.

At the recent giveaway show the audience were rather surprised when instead of last year’s free wheelchairs for everyone in the audience, Oprah shouted out “if y’all look under your chairs you’ll see each one of you has a chair under your chair”. The crowd still cheered like delirious drunks at a dance-off competition, until the panado-addicted housewives realized that they had only won a chair and sat down dejectedly.

Paulie, the cripple who had come to the show to receive a much needed wheelchair, said “a wheelchair would have really helped me, but I understand the recession has hit us all hard, and I’m sure Ms.Wind-free is really struggling.” Nobody corrected Paulie’s mistake though because we all felt sorry that he hadn’t received a free wheelchair.

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