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The Brothers Streep and Julia Jakobsen

This is probably one of the first gigs I have ever been to in Cape Town where the opening act started within 30 minutes of the advertised time. I arrived at 21:30 and was surprised to see that Julia Jakobsen was already on stage.
Originally from Denmark, Julia has lived in South Africa for about 12 years. Her speaking between songs was endearing in a ditsy kinda way, but when she sung, you listened. She sung mainly about boys, and while her guitar playing is rather simple her voice is definitely the most intriguing part of her performance.

Next up were the Brothers Streep. They sing silly, satirical songs with funny repartee in between, some of which is rehearsed but it’s still amusing. The Brothers Streep have been growing in popularity touring around South Africa and overseas. Their style worked well at an intimate venue like the Waiting Room and offered a fun evening of light entertainment.

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