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Why retro saved beer and man-hood

South Africa is a land where men are men and the beer tastes crap. Or at least that’s the way it was. Who decided Lion Lager tasted nice? No one and that’s why South African men in their thousands used to drink the stuff. The worse the beer the more manly you are. Thank goodness that’s changed and all thanks to a little friend I like to call retro.

With the re-introduction of cool hats and cardigans South African men have begun to realize that beer doesn’t need to be rubbish. Why? Because we know we’re men. No need for Lion Lager to prove our manhood. Retro fashion and indie music made us think of the old days, when men waited at doors for women and relaxed with a smooth, chilled ale after a long day at work.

Brewers like Jack Black, and Union and Birkenhead are starting to make proper beer and what a smile it has brought to the blokes of Cape Town. No need for mass-produced, crap-tasting beer. The time has come for men to look themselves in the face and say "when in Rome". All I can say is thank goodness for retro.

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