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Groupthink in Life

Recently I had a small freak-out session when I was hanging with the same people too much. I needed to be with other friends, meet new people, and do new things. Sometimes you just need to break out because if you do you just fit into this group and nothing new feeds you.

Its very possible to become the victim of groupthink when you hang out with the same people especially if they’re similar to you and think like you. You don’t get challenged to grow and change.

People form groups primarily because it’s an easier way to survive. We are reassured by those around us which helps to reaffirm our opinions, fears and actions. It’s a perfectly natural human desire to live in a community, but when that community only serves to make you feel fuzzier inside, I can’t see it as being very healthy. Surviving is average. I want to do more than survive. I want to be different, interesting, changing, growing, and challenged by those around me.

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