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South Africa vs India Test at Newlands

I was eagerly awaiting the test at Newlands between South Africa and India. People have been saying that Test cricket has been dying, that T20 is going to take over and as a true cricket-snob I was excited to see them proved wrong. I took 4 days of work and prepared for the top 2 test teams to battle it out.

The first three days were sold out, and this only helped me get more amped. I don't really know how they allocated tickets because there were still open seats, but sold out is sold out.

Overall the test was great, Jacques Kallis' century on the 4th day to save the test was great to watch. Yelling at Sreesanth when he pulled a zap at the crowd was amazingly patriotic. Note that no bottles were thrown, I was there and none of that happened. You just can't pull a middle finger at an SA crowd and expect no reaction.

It was Smith's decision not to chase a draw that irritated me quite a lot. Instead of putting India in for a few overs on the 4th day and try and chase a win, he let the batsmen stay on and go for the draw.

Crowds come to watch results. Crowds come to watch their team try to win. I felt a bit let down that Smith so easily conceded a draw. If test match cricket is going to retain its appeal we need to see results, this comes from groundsmen producing result pitches, and captain's being brave and going for it.

I remain a devotee to test cricket, but I fear we are losing members to the T20 dancing girls.

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