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Guten Tag Art Exhibition

Word of Art organized an exhibition for various local and international artists with a focus on the artists that were joining their art-commune. It was interesting to see such a  broad array of art from various artists. It was a very mixed exhibition with some really good pieces and some pieces that seemed not 'really good', but that was to be expected with so many different artists on display. There were unfortunately no explanation or information given on which artist did what, which would have been nice.

Outside was a live art piece and it was great to see art taking shape and be able to chat to the artists who seemed quite friendly.

I think one of the pieces I struggled to enjoy was actually by the new, international artists. Basically their exhibit was pictures of them vandalising municipal property. It was slightly amusing that these people would document themselves breaking the law for no apparent reason. I get graffiti and street art, because at least thats making a statement, but stealing the Gympie Street sign just says 'drunk-Friday-night-in-high-school'. I chatted to one of the other exhibiting artists and he couldn't understand it either, which reassured me that there wasn't some metaphor I was missing.

The exhibition was still good, and some great pieces were on display and will definitely keep my eye out for the artists, but am probably not going to be buying a picture of someone stealing a letter box or a street sign any time soon.

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