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As any ex-Matie will tell you, heading back to Stellenbosch for Jool is quite an experience of nostalgia and wonder. Nostalgia for your old hang outs, but more wonder as to what drew you out to the same old gig again.

I had looked at the line-up for Jool Fees and can't say I was particularly stoked to watch any one of them. Kurt Darren was always going to be epic-ly cheesy, and he certainly delivered the emmentaler. At one point he called some first year girls onto the stage, and my friend was like "hey isn't that Karen Viviers' daughter on stage singing with Kurt?" and I was like "flip it is". I taught her in Sunday school youth.

The rest of the day was filled with finding shade, beer and friends. The biggest surprise of the day was a band called Lemolow. They have a really good sound, with strongly driven vocals coming from the front-lady Emma de Goede. Lemolow certainly got our attention and got us out of the cool of the beer tent. I am excited to see more of them and where they go. You can check them out at http://www.facebook.com/lemolowband.

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