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Wrestlerish at Backsberg

I was sitting idly on twitter when I saw an RT that Backsberg were offering tickets to a Wrestlerish gig on the wine farm. I had been keen to go, but wasn't that amped to spend R85 on a ticket, and so was pretty stoked to find out I had won.

The gig was quite small with about 50 people coming out, so that meant quite a relaxed picnic atmosphere which is exactly what my body required after a rather long weekend. Werner Olckers started off with an acoustic set that went mildly awry when the speakers started making odd noises and so that needed to be sorted out, but nobody was too stressed with the flowing of Backsberg wine and too much picnic food. Eventually electronics were sorted out and the rest of the band came on.

Wrestlerish have an easy watching appeal with banter between songs which made the gig feel even more private. Their sound seems to have changed since I last saw them. They're more indie than the country style I remembered, however, it could be the lack of checkered shirts that threw me. The change isn't disappointing though and almost seems to be more grown up.

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