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This is the poster for a film I recently wrote and directed called Bound (previously titled Loverboy).

It is a 20 minute short film that follows the story of a naive girl who gets trafficked into prostitution by a man she loves. She escapes and then begins to rebuild her life, but is still drawn back to the man she loved.

The film stars Tsholo Mpuru as the lead. This was her acting debut, and who did a darn good job of it. The film also stars Pope Jerrod and Lulama Stone.

To watch the film come to the Joscars which will be held at Joshua Generation Church, Edgmead, where another 3 short films will also be showing their films. Go to http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=186869281367576 to book a ticket to this rad event.

The poster was designed by Carlo Milandri.

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  1. flip dude, amazing, wish i could be there... all the best...

  2. wow this looks so good. WHEN DO I GET TO BUY IT OFF OF SOME LEGIT MOVIE SITE TO WATCH TSHOLO'S ACTING MAGIC AND MICHAEL-JOHN'S CAMERA SKILLSSSSS?!! What initiatives are you guys taking to become Brazilian-Friendly?!!!!!!!

    On a calmer note - congrats :D I can't wait to watch this! Somehow...