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The World is Too Much

So I'm having a fairly crappy day today, and feeling like everything's coming down on me. I wrote this poem now and its slightly emo, but it just reflects my thoughts which are fairly emo right now. So be warned this is all rather self-pitying and dramatic.

The World is Too Much
(Not a poem by William Wordsworth. His is called 'The World is Too Much With Us' and is about enviromentalism)

Sometimes it feels like my world is caving in,
Like the sky will fall on my head like an Asterix and Obelix cartoon.
Like the air has lost its oxygen and every problem is becoming a reality.

I want to run away,
Leave it all behind

I want life to be an etch-a-sketch.
I’d shake it clean,
Wipe it fresh
Start writing again.

I want to sit next to a fire, 
An ocean, 
Atop a mountain
Forget about my troubles and my concerns

I want to run away from what I have become, not because what I have become I hate. Probably just because I don’t really like feeling bleak and having too much to do, and also I don’t really want all the attention.

I’d like to put the world into a hot air balloon
Release the ballasts,
Watch it float away,
Then run into a field and forget all of this.

That’s what I’d like to do.
I pretend to cope.

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