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Shout out and props to Howard James Fyvie

 My friend Howard just released an album this Saturday. You should buy it and listen to it. That's what I did. You can listen to a few tracks and see if its your vibe by going to Howard Fyvie's Facebook page or go visit his website at http://www.howardfyvie.co.za/. I have a few mates who worked on the album with Justin Southey designing the album cover, Hans Raubenheimer who mixed the album, and Marius Steenkamp who executive produced it.

Pretty much I'm just giving a shout out to mates, and yes I just used the term 'shout out'. I am not proud of myself, but these things happen sometimes. So remember to check this space, don't go anywhere. Stay tuned to Yo-TV (crosses arms and nods head like a gangster). Boom!

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