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Why my life is pretty cool right now. And a Chuckle o' the day

At first when I saw this cartoon I didn't laugh, but now I find it funny. I think it might be that I had been in a funk, and the last little while has definitely pulled me out of my funk. I've hung out with good friends, calmed down on my busy-ness, and hung out more with God which is cool.

The momentum of my life is pretty cool right now. Things are going fairly well in all aspects: God-wise, work-wise, improv-wise, church-wise, friend-wise, and plus its spring, and everyone gets happy during spring because its like the best season ever. 

So I hope this cartoon makes you chuckle, because it made me chuckle. But then again I'm in a good mood so it didn't take the absolute most hectic amount of work to make me chuckle.

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