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Jump (part 2)

(this story follows on from Jump http://mjphillip.blogspot.com/2012/04/jump.html

Hovering in the sky with only pieces of wood strapped to your arms really makes you re-evaluate your decisions. After his second look down to the grassy rock below, Stewart began questioning. What if the rope strapping the ropes to his arms didn't hold? What if a crop-dusting plane didn't see him and accidentally sprayed insecticide on him? Plus there was that bit about not knowing where he was going.

What if he turned out to be a crappy arm-wing pilot? This was the first time he'd ever flown his arm-wings and maybe he should go back down and practice again some other time. It all got a bit stagnant and boring again. Sure he was 100 metres above the ground, but he was still indecisive as ever.

Suddenly Stewart remembered something.

5 years ago he'd seen a rather pretty girl. And we all know what happened next... He was going over to her house to ask her out on a date, when all of a sudden she jumped off her roof and started flapping her arm-wings. She flew off, north-ward. That was all Stewart knew.

Stew decided in that moment, that he too would fly north, to the land of the arm-wing people.