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Jump (part 3)

It took Stew around 10 hours to get to the Land of the Arm-Wing People due to a 5 knot headwind. The sun never sets in LAWP (Land of the Arm-Wing People), on account of them being so far north. So although Stew was arriving at 23:00 it was still a simple landing. Well I say simple, he crashed into a tree. But by Lawpian standards that's quite good going.

This was Stew's first time in this land, and it all felt a bit peculiar. There were about 900 people that lived in  LAWP, and everyone lived in a tree. You need something to jump off when you've got wings strapped to your arms, and trees are about the only things that grow in LAWP, at least to the necessary height.

A few Arm-Wing People had crash-landed on earth, and getting back up your tree was quite a mission especially when you're climbing with wings bound to your arms. You keep slipping down, and the roasties you get are not to be laughed at. Some people never climb back up their tree. They chose to rather live on the floor below the trees, and take off their wings and live wing-less. Arm-No-Wingers weren't really looked down on by those still in the trees (at least not mentally), because the truth is that anyone could have a bad tumble and end up on earth.

Stew had lived as an Arm-No-Wing'er for a number of years, but where he was from this wasn't weird at all. In fact it was quite normal. Where Stew was from, people who strapped wings to their arms and jumped out of trees were considered nutters. Often deemed suicidal and locked away in a loonie bin. But here in LAWP it was just common practice.

Sitting on the branch of a tree, 300 metres above the ground, Stew started wondering about the pretty girl.Wondering if she was still in LAWP or if she'd fallen down to the Arm-No-Wingers. He'd have to ask around.

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  1. you had me at "by Lawpian standards that's quite good going" - loving it - keep on.