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Christianity vs Christianity (and How It's Not 'Either or')

Faith vs Works
Word vs Spirit

It can seem sometimes that the Christian faith is divided into sections and you are made to pick and choose one or the other. Either I focus on the Word or I focus on the Spirit. Either I live by faith alone, or I must do good deeds.

But I don't think this is the Christianity portrayed in the Bible. What we see in the Bible is less 'either or' and more 'both and'.

Christianity is not some juggling act where we are trying to keep all these different balls moving, but rather they are simply different parts of the same ball.

It's easy to focus on only one thing, and to a degree that is good. Scholarly people should be encouraged to study further, just as nurturing people should be encouraged to look after the poor. But when I look at Jesus I see a man who was filled with faith, was knowledgeable in the Word, performed many loving works, and was guided by the Spirit.

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