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The other day I saw someone post on Facebook something about not supporting the ANC because they are communists and how we should support the ACDP because they follow the Bible.

 1. Does the ACDP represent Christ's view? They kinda are pro death penalty and last I looked Jesus wasn't all that keen on killing people. Something about being without sin to cast the first stone and all that.

2. Is communism so opposite to God? Well, I don't think God is too in favour of human systems one way or the other. They're flawed for sure, but I can see God being more stoked about an egalitarian society where people work together and live at peace. Unfortunately communism often doesn't end up being all that egalitarian in practice.

3. Is the ANC communist? One of my friends responded by mentioning that the ANC had successfully drafted one of the most democratic constitutions in the world, and maybe some deeper thought was necessary. High-five.

I don't want to disrespect this guy's opinion, but I don't think it's just so simple to say ANC = Communists = Evil, meanwhile ACDP = Christians = Good.

This morning I read an article on how this Christian family in Egypt is getting imprisoned for converting from Islam to Christianity. Egypt is instituting Sharia law in their judicial system, and converting to Christianity is a bit of a problem. Obviously many people around the world are up in arms because of this breach of someone's freedom of religion.

This raises a number of questions about religion and the state. It's easy to say the state should be Christian (or whatever religion) but in practice it can get pretty messy quite quickly.

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