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San Parks Magazine Advert

What is going on here? Firstly, I apologise for the bad photo quality. Blame Blackberry if you must blame someone.

This is an advert for San Parks, and all I can say is "...". Actually I can say quite a bit more, and so I shall.

What is going on with the couch by the river? Did they bring the couch with them or is this couch there for public use? Did San Parks place couches around dams for people to enjoy story time.

Next, what is up with the woman's left leg and where does it go? Does she only have one leg?

Lastly, why is the woman smiling after she is clearly a victim of domestic violence? Those black eyes didn't make themselves. Is she just smiling in front of the kids, while deep down inside she is crying? Is that why she's only got one leg?

From this advert I take it that San Parks are great for families where taking couches to the dam seems smart, and domestic violence goes unchecked. San Parks... more like Sad Parks.

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