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Sydney Carter 'Creator of the Living'

Creator of the living, 
Creator of the light, 
Keep shining to your children 
That travel through the night. 
In loneliness and terror, 
In madness and despair, 
If Love is what you really are, 
Oh, show them you are there. 

Creator of the living, 
We have no life but you.
Upon the tree of torture 
You hang and suffer too. 
Your life is in your daughter, 
Your life is in your son, 
Created and Creator still 
On every cross are one. 

If Love is what your name is, 
Your angry children cry, 
Is this the love you show us? 
We suffer and we die. 
Through bitterness and blindness 
Keep shining in us too, 
That we may keep and cradle still 
The gentleness of you. 

Keep shining, Love, and travel
Keep shining in us still! 
Like Mary we can mother, 
Like Herod we can kill 
The miracle we carry 
That is our maker too. 
Keep shining, Love, that we may show 
The radiance of you.

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