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Sydney Carter 'Run the Film Backwards'

When I was eighty-seven 
they took me from my coffin
The  found a flannel nightshir  for me 
to travel off in

All innocent and toothless, 
I used to lie in bed
Still trailing clouds of glory 
from the time when I was dead

The cruel age of sixty-five 
put paid to my enjoyment
I had to wear a bowler hat 
and go to my employment

But at the age of sixty 
I found I had a wife
And that explains the children 
(I had wondered all my life)

I kept on growing younger, 
and randier and stronger
Till at the age of twenty-one 
I had a wife no longer

With mini-skirted milkmaids 
I frolicked in the clover
A cuckoo kept on calling me 
until my teens were over

Then algebra and cricket 
and sausages a-cooking
And puffing at a cigarette 
when teacher wasn't looking

The trees are getting taller, 
the streets are getting wider
My mother is the world to me, 
and soon I'll be inside her

And now it is too early,
there's nothing I can see.
Before the world, or after?
Wherever can I be?

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